The NFL as Tableau Vivant

The NFL as Tableau Vivant

The best NFL Sunday – among which this past one surely was – is one where the entirety of the games play back the next morning like a tableau vivant. Images such as these encapsulate and frame the day, the costumed actors best captured frozen. And, hey, if we can frame it in the delicious irony that is the Raiders, well, all the better.

Also from yesterday, we have this freaking GEM of a moment. Let me have the attention of all current or aspiring punters for a moment. I. Need. For. You. To. Listen.

When you make a truly hideous mistake as said punter, do not (I repeat, DO NOT) attempt to fix it. Instead, immediately drop to the ground in the fetal position and wait there until the other team plucks and devours the fruits of your mistake.

And then there’s this, which is actually an infamous Cowboys receiver exhibiting joy, not angst. The angst would, of course, later take center stage when we walked off the field in into a steamy shower of loss following the Dallasians finding a way to implode a 23-point halftime lead the the quasi-hapless Cheesemen.

Speaking of hapless, this is the entire season of the Offensively Named Washington Footballmen in one play. With today’s proclamation from Sometimes Quarterback, Sir Robert Griffin the Third, Esquire, that next season will a new coach working under him, the crapstorm that has been Washington footbal for the past twelve months has come full circle.

A perfect NFL Sunday is indeed a scene presented on stage by costumed actors who remain silent and motionless as if in a picture. Hope you’ve enjoyed these.

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