….the stadium experience is designed to distract you

….the stadium experience is designed to distract you

The days of simply going to see a game are so distant that it does not matter very much when we miss the action on the field.  Instant replays on the big screen, VIP clubs, and suite set ups all give us an excuse to turn away until we hear the crowd roar.  We can always catch the replay somewhere of what we originally showed up to see.  The stadium experience is so refined now that you can attend and not watch the actual game and leave thinking that you did not miss anything.  Here are 5 Ways the stadium experience is designed to distract you:

1.  Video killed the sports star – Screens have become leviathans, growing ever bigger and bigger.  Video ribbon boards now cover every available surface.  The technology has become so crystal clear that the colour and clarity mesmerize.  And the artists creating content are so talented that they put on their own show every game.  It is okay to miss the action, highlights will be on display.  So what if the game is boring, the video tribute to past championship seasons is so thrilling that the score does not matter.  Who is warming up?  I don’t know, I am just trying to figure out which colour hat the ball is under in the requisite video shell game.  I don’t need to pay too much attention to the action because the videoboard will tell me how loud to cheer based on the game situation.  All eyes on the field have become all eyes on the videoboard.

2.  Pulled pork or sushi?  The staggering options – It is no longer enough to serve the basics.  We have broader tastes and we demand more sophistication from our food providers.  Sports teams and venues have responded by giving us options so exciting that we will pay a high premium to consume it.  It can take as much as a quarter of a game to leave your seats and make your food choice, wait in line, and go back to your seat.  But why carry the food all the way back to your seat when you can eat at a table and watch the game on a nearby screen?

3.  Dinner and show – Sports teams and venues would like to lengthen your game experience by offering compelling reasons to show up early and stay late.  The upscale restaurant near the VIP seats is the ideal place to have a pre-game meal and the VIP club is a great place to grab a drink after an exciting win.  The restaurants especially capitalize on the pre-game excitement, enticing fans to get to the ballpark early for a gourmet meal before settling into their seats.  It is fine to miss the pre-game ceremonies while you finish your smoked halibut.  Tip-off or first pitch?  Have to polish off the tiramisu first.  After all, it is tougher to watch a game on an empty stomach.

4.  The Club Store – It is always worth having a look around the team store.  A fan of the team should check out the jersey of the player they just traded for.  Is it time for a new hat?  There are likely some great gifts for your niece and nephew as well.  But don’t get lost between the rows and rows of merchandise and in the sea of humanity.  And you know that thing you had to pick up, better ask your mate to stake out a place in the checkout line or you might miss some of the early scoring.  Perhaps the crowd will be lighter once the game has started.  Better come back then.

5.  Home is the VIP Club and Suites –  If only you could move the couch into the stadium and pull a cold one from the fridge.  Why not?  Pay more and you can have access to your living room at the stadium.  Invite your friends to join you.  The comforts of the modern stadium suite are impressive.  Comfortable furniture, windows to keep the noise out, HD screens to watch the action, and a private toilet.  Want the community experience of your neighbourhood bar?  Park yourself on a stool at the VIP Club.  The televisions should be tuned into the game.  At least you know the fans are into the game, they did pay the price of admission, didn’t they?


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  1. mph Wednesday - 12 / 06 / 2013 Reply
    Yankees Stadium is certainly more compelling than the product they put on the field.

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